Find out what makes our salons, academies, and leadership so unique!

What Makes TONI&GUY® Unique?

The heritage of the Mascolo family influences the signature style of TONI&GUY today. The brothers – Toni, Guy, Bruno, and Anthony – adopted the discipline of finishing from their father who worked in Italy on hair salon clients, learning to control highly textured hair. Once in London, Anthony Mascolo introduced England's influence of precision cutting. This combination of excellent hairstyling skills and precision haircutting created something that far exceeded the expectations of hair salons at the time: the ability to personalize hairstyles.

As true artists, the Mascolo family knew that personalizing each haircut to suit the individual kept the signature style unique to the client and allowed the hairdresser to master a method. By leveraging these personalization techniques within their hair salons, as well as their beauty school curriculum, TONI&GUY has managed to set itself apart in an outstanding field where creativity thrives.

The TONI&GUY® journey started in Clapham, England with a single family-owned and family-run salon back in 1963. In 1990, TONI&GUY opened its first official learning facility in the United States, TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy in Dallas. Backed by TONI&GUY’s rich history and unwavering mission to deliver cutting-edge cosmetology education, our beauty schools turn talented students into industry-ready hairstylists. Offering basic and advanced cosmetology training, the beauty school’s curriculum was (and still is) rooted in TONI&GUY’s trademark approach of continuously updating cutting, coloring, and styling techniques. This is why our beauty schools continue to draw some of the best talent from all over the world and maintain a distinguished reputation for cosmetology education. This successful beauty school formula has been duplicated in several major U.S. cities, and we have a keen focus on future growth.

We are proud to have become an iconic international brand over the years that recently celebrated over 25 years of beauty school success in the United States.